Fight "epidemic" together and contribute our love——Communist Party members and masses of DZUG actively donate to fight against the epidemic

Recently, in response to the call of President Xi Jinping as the core Party Central Committee, all the Communist Party members and the masses of workers and staff of DZUG actively contributed to support the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work. They actively support the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, and contribute actively to the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, DZUG has actively responded to the call of the government, and the majority of Party members and staff and workers are fighting in this battlefield without smoke of gunpowder, guarding and helping, and contributing their own strength to the protection of our homes. Dazhong Gas fully guarantees the natural gas supply of more than 1.8 million pipeline gas users in the city; the employees of Nantong Dazhong Gas stick to the front-line posts, make every effort to ensure the normal and stable supply of natural gas in Nantong, and respond to the emergency gas demand online and offline in the first time; While insisting on the safe distribution, Dazhong Operation Logistics company provides the government departments, medical institutions, love enterprises and other enterprises with the compulsory transportation of epidemic prevention materials; Dazhong Jiading and Jiangsu Dazhong ensure the disinfection treatment and standard discharge of sewage tail water; Xiangyin road tunnel ensures the safe operation and protects the travel safety of the city; financial leasing company effectively guarantees the three-way linkage of bank enterprise customers during the epidemic; Dazhong commerce ensures the normal settlement of merchants and long-distance operation of all kinds of online work. These real actions are the best interpretation of "all for the Dazhong". They also make these five words have a heavy weight, fall on the shoulders of every public person, and realize their responsibilities and responsibilities.

Yang Guoping, chairman of the group, said, "serving the public and serving the society is the mission of DZUG; it is a fine tradition for DZUG to have difficulties and help the public". He took the lead in donating and giving love, and the Group executives also actively contributed. After receiving the call of the party organization, all the party members and the masses of the group have also extended a helping hand and made voluntary donations to support the epidemic prevention and control work with practical actions.

Regardless of the order of good deeds, regardless of the size of love, a sum of money, a share of love, devoted to the priceless friendship of sharing weal and woe, together with the great power to overcome the difficulties, in the development process of Dazhong, Dazhong are always full of love for the motherland and the people, with such selfless love, with each other's most determined help, what other difficulties can we not overcome together?