Group Introduction

Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd. was established on December 24, 1991, in the original name of Shanghai Pudong Dazhong Taxi Co., Ltd., which was the first joint-stock company in China’s taxi industry. The Company was officially listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 4, 1993 for trading (stock code: 600635). In May of 2003, the Company was renamed to “Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd.”. On December 5 2016, the Company's H-shares were listed on the main board of HKEx.Over the development of more than two decades, the Company evolved, simultaneously with the opening of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, from the first listed transportation enterprise to an investment holding company focusing on public utilities and financial investments. As the end of 2019,the company has total assets of RMB 22.5 billion and net assets of RMB 9.2 billion.

The Company set up a taxi operation in 1991. Since 2001, the company has converted pipeline gas supplies from gas to natural gas in Shanghai. Since 2003, the company has further expanded its utility business into sewage treatment and public infrastructure industries.In particular,public utility includes ⑴city gas,⑵wastewater treatment,⑶urban transportation,⑷infrastructure investment and operation,and⑸logistics and transport,and financial investment business which includes⑴financial services and⑵venture capital business.

The Company is currently the sole pipeline gas supplier in Shanghai's Southern Puxi District and in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, where it owns and maintains more than 6,500 km and 2,200 km of underground pipelines respectively. In 2016, the Company took a share in Suchuang Gas Co., Ltd. (stock code: 1430.HK) and that brings the stable income to the company. In 2018, the Company acquired 37.2255% shares of Jiangyin Tianli Gas Co., Ltd.. Currently, the Company operates a number of wastewater treatment plants in Shanghai, Xuzhou and Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province with total designed capacity of 415 thousand tons per day. There are three major venture capital platforms invested by the Company, which are Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huacan Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership)(“Hua Can Fund”) and Shanghai Xingye Venture Capital Co., Ltd..

As a major public utility service provider with a long history and famous brand in Shanghai, the Company has established a good corporate image since its listing.The Company’s stock is a constituent of Dow Jones China Index, CSI 300 Index, SSE 180 Index, SSE 180 Relative Growth Index, SSE 180 Relative Value Index, SSE Corporate Governance Index etc. During the recent years, the Company won the “Top-100 Listed Companies Golden Bull Award for Return” for multiple times, ranked 2nd in the “China’s Best Cost-effective Enterprise (Comprehensive) Award”, and was included in the “Top-10 Listed Enterprises for Being Socially Responsible”, as well as “Shanghai’s Top-100 Enterprises”. The Company was also awarded the vice chairmanship of the second session of the Listed Companies Association of Shanghai’s Council, as well as the vice chairmanship of the sixth session of the Shanghai Association of Stock System Enterprises’ Council.